What do you do on weekends?

students socializing

One of the most common questions we get asked about boarding school at St. Michaels University School is: “what do you do on weekends?”

The school week can be busy – sometimes hectic. There are classes, extracurriculars, clubs and council activities. It’s important that you have the weekend to rest and enjoy hanging out with your friends. The great thing about boarding school is that your friends are living right there with you!

However, if you’re the type of person who wants to do more than hang out on the weekends, SMUS is perfect for you!

The school offers at least six activities every weekend. These can range from kayaking to sushi making to longer trips away from the school. An example of a typical weekend would be groups of boarders exploring a nearby provincial park to see the annual salmon run, exploring a museum in downtown Victoria or baking goodies to share with a non-profit providing meals for people in need. Check out this webpage for more examples of things you can do on weekends. It’s a great opportunity to try new things.

Whatever you decide to do – whether it’s just catch a movie in downtown Victoria or go on a hike through pristine Pacific rainforest – we can guarantee you one thing: weekends at SMUS are never dull!

What opportunities would you take advantage of? Let us know in your entry to The Best School Year Ever® contest and see the tips page for other topics you could cover.