Get your parents on board

The Best School Year Ever® contest is for students but it’s important that you have the support of your family.

To be able to enter The Best School Year Ever contest you need your parent or guardian’s permission. And, if your entry gets through to the semi-finals, they will need to complete an official application to the school.

If you haven’t talked to them about entering the contest, it’s a great idea to raise the subject now.

You should also watch the video below with your parents/guardians. Youssef won a scholarship through The Best School Year Ever contest to attend SMUS from 2017-2018. We interviewed his parents to see what they thought, and what it was like for them when Youssef decided he wanted to come to SMUS at just 13 years old.

You can also show your family the Parent FAQ and if they have any questions about the school, we’d love to hear from them. The last day to enter the contest is December 1, 2022.