Love where you learn

Our location on Vancouver Island plays a big part in the amazing experiences available to students.

St. Michaels University School is an urban boarding school, offering all the benefits of being close to the provincial capital of BC while also having access to the rainforests, mountains and ocean that the West Coast is famous for. With the mildest climate in Canada, you can enjoy what our location has to offer year-round. So, how does our location benefit your experience? Here’s two ways:

The City Life

Downtown is on a short direct bus route from SMUS, and offers restaurants, museums, shopping and many events throughout the year. The city is known for outdoor pursuits such as kayaking, cycling and hiking. You can learn more on Tourism Victoria’s website.

It’s not uncommon for boarding students to head downtown on the weekends to enjoy what the city has available to them. We think its important students have the freedom to become more self-reliant. When you go to university, you will have to navigate new places, so it is valuable prep to practice those skills in a small city like Victoria.

The West Coast Life

The best Vancouver Island has to offer is within reach from SMUS’s urban location. Close to the school, many public beach accesses and parks offer forested trails, scenic views and a chance to connect with nature. Being a coastal city, you’ll get to experience sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and more – and we’re also on the edge of pristine wilderness for hiking and camping. Half-day drives from SMUS will lead you to some of the best surfing in the world at Tofino and skiing on Mt. Washington.

Our Outdoor Education program allows you to explore the coastlines, forests and mountains the Island has a well-earned reputation for. The program is designed for all skill levels. If you’re already a kayaker or snowboarder, you’ll find opportunities to put your skills to the test.

If you’re new to outdoor activities, you might be a little nervous. Don’t worry – this is where the education part comes in. We won’t just leave you on your own in the middle of the woods! You’ll get an opportunity to try all these things (and more) with top instructors. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new passion? You won’t know until you try.

The other great thing about outdoor education is the shared experience. It’s about teamwork and bonding with your fellow students. You really get to know someone when you sit around a campfire with them.

Outdoor education sums up what The Best School Year Ever® experience is all about. It’s not like going to your same school every day and doing the same things. It’s about new opportunities, new challenges, new passions, new friends and joining a community that has your back as you venture into the unknown.

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Are you ready to love where you learn?