Take your learning to the next level

If you love to learn, you'll find yourself in good company at St. Michaels University School.

Our school has both local students from Victoria and boarding students from all over the world, and while everybody’s interests are different, there is one thing everyone has in common: a desire to explore the world around them and learn as much as they can. SMUS is a university-prep school, with a strong focus on preparing students for life through a rich blend of arts, athletics, service and academic activities.

So, what would a year at SMUS look like from an academic perspective? Here are four key things you should know.

A community that loves to learn

You’ll find yourself in a school where it’s cool to like math (or whichever subject is your favourite). Our teachers are passionate about their work, and they take pride in getting to know each student to help them get the most out of their lessons. Our Academic Support Centre is staffed by teachers after school – some of which are also boarding parents so you can get support from people you know and trust. We also believe that learning should be personalized, so from the support you receive, to the classes you take, your experience is uniquely yours (more about that below).

A class for every interest

We believe that high school is when you should try as many things as possible so you can learn what you are interested and passionate about and make the right choice in what you want to do after graduation. From creative writing and video production to robotics and law, there are many courses to choose from at SMUS. To get an idea of the courses offered, you can check out our Senior School viewbook.

University-level learning, in high school

SMUS is proud to offer the most established Advanced Placement (AP) program in Canada. These courses are university-level classes you take in high school. You can even take the AP Capstone program, where you will develop in-depth critical thinking, research and presentation skills. It’s like a PhD program in high school and you can challenge yourself in a research subject of your own choice. From calculus to psychology and environmental science to a variety of languages, you can find an AP course to take (we have over 25 to choose from!).

Personalized help to pick your post-secondary path

With so many classes to choose from, our University Counseling team will work with you, one-on-one, to help you decide which ones are the right fit for you and your goals. They will also meet with you throughout your time here to identify what and where you might want to study after high school. You are responsible for applying to the schools that interest you, but the team is here to guide and advise you to help you make the best impression you can. Our grads are studying around the world and many of them earned scholarships – the top five scholarships awarded by universities and colleges to the Class of 2022 SMUS students ranged from $130,000 to $352,000 in value!

Be sure to tell us about what you are most passionate about learning about in your entry, due by December 1, 2022.