What are you planning to do after high school?

Has someone asked you this question yet?

It happens to everyone eventually – a well-meaning adult will say this, usually just before they give you some practical advice. At SMUS, we also ask you this question but instead of expecting you to know the answer we help you discover where you might find it.

This process starts in Grades 9 and 10. We focus on giving you the tools to appreciate new experiences and to figure out how to go about discovering more about the person you are. You’ll be paired with a university counsellor who will help lay the foundation for your journey to university.

By the end of Grade 10, you’ll know more about your skills and your weaknesses – and have some ideas of what you might like to do in the future.

As you enter Grade 11, the focus shifts more to university preparation. You’ll start taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses (SMUS offers one of the most extensive and successful AP programs in Canada) and thinking about what you’ll need to head in the right direction for university. Grade 11 is when you’ll start exploring which programs and universities might be right for you – with your university counsellor alongside you. We have a dedicated team of university counsellors, which means you will work with someone who knows you and your goals.

Many of the top universities around the world visit campus and you’ll get to chat to them as you start narrowing down your options. There are also usually opportunities to travel with your peers to some universities so you can really start to see where you fit. You’ll get plenty of new experiences but they will become more focused on helping prepare you for life after SMUS.

Of course, Grade 12 is your final year at high school and it will be busy (but also fun, we promise). You’ll be completing university applications, taking exams, winning scholarships and finally graduating and going to a university to start a program you will have spent the last few years preparing for.

So you can see when our mission says: “outstanding preparation for life,” we mean helping you discover the direction you want to take your life. High school is an exciting time and we’re excited to be right there beside you on your journey.

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