Meet the Families

Juliet Crowe with her mother

Winning The Best School Year Ever contest comes with a full range of emotions and for parents, that includes concern about their child’s safety and well-being. Meet the families of our 2022 winners and hear about their SMUS Journey.

Excited. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Proud. The feeling of winning The Best School Year Ever contest is full of emotions, for both students and families alike. It means leaving home, living on-campus and expanding your independence. It’s a big decision that involves more than just the contest applicant.

For parents, there’s an extra layer of emotion that comes with winning the contest. Concern. Will my child be safe? Will they be cared for? These are the worries of all parents and our Best School Year Ever families were no different. We sat down with the families of this year’s winners to hear about their SMUS Journey.

The decision might’ve been big, but it wasn’t a hard one. As you’ll hear the families say, once they arrived at SMUS they were overwhelmed only with warmth, relief, confidence, and joy.