Join a Global Community

Students in the Sun Centre

Check out a video where boarding students from across the world talk about their experiences at SMUS.

When we talk about the community here at St. Michaels University School, one thing we often mention is how many different walks of life we have on campus.

In the boarding community alone, we have 28 nationalities, representing countries from Brazil to Germany to Thailand, and everywhere in between. Across the whole school, we count an amazing 49 different nationalities! We are truly a global school.

So, while we are a school with deep roots in the west coast culture of British Columbia, you will find a community that embraces other cultures and traditions. It also means that no matter who you are and where you are from, you will be welcomed at SMUS. We can’t wait to learn about your unique story in your The Best School Year Ever entry.

Watch the video below to meet some of our boarding students and learn about their experiences at SMUS.